Thursday, January 29, 2009

Light Bulbs and Paint, Oh My!

Hey World,
This is Marquita, just checking in to report on my light bulb promise. This was actually a little harder to get right than I thought! I did go and stock up on compact fluorescents and have begun replacing them in my home. I found that they look different. Some seem brighter, some seem dimmer, and the cost is big at the start and pays off in the end. I am following through on my promise, but may need to make another trip to have the type of light I want in each area!
Hum, this sounds like some relationships I've been in. Oh wait, that's my other blog.
The other thing I did while buying my new light bulbs was to buy paint for my guest room. This was another place where it was easy to find a way to help the environment. Instead of buying the usual brand of paint I get, I opted for a brand that has no VOCs, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are gases made up of things like aldehydes and ketones.
So by buying paint without them, not only will I not pollute the atmosphere, I will keep myself and others safe from being gassed at home!
I would love to hear how the rest of you are doing as we brave this new world of change and better options for living.
Peace and Love,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Path Forward

Happy New Year! Today is the beginning of a new year and the world is ready for change. In my life I am not sure I have ever felt so certain of that before. Why do I feel this way. Let's look at a few facts:

For the first time in a long time people in the United States of America worked together and said they wanted change, and made it happen!

As we work out how we can solve our economic issues, it appears that we will do much of it by changing to green energy and more fuel efficient transportation!

We are also looking at making sure everyone has healthcare as a human right!

Locally, more and more organic farms and farmer's markets are providing food that is healthier, more nutritious, and often cheaper!

More and more of my clients want to focus on what is important to them in their lives, and it is not all about money!

People are recognizing that doing work that is full of passion and purpose is far more happiness provoking than big automobiles and gigantic houses!

These are just the things I personally see going on. I believe that at a deeper level their is an actual new stage of development happening to humans that we haven't reached before. This is a level where we understand how our energy and thoughts not only create our personal reality but have a direct effect on the rest of the planet. Last month I asked all of you to begin visualizing abundance in all areas of the world, not just at home. I want you to continue that this month and on onto the year. See it, feel it, taste it, and live it.

To help create change in the world it takes commitment to change at home, in your community, and on a global level. For the month of January, I am asking that you find one thing that you can change at home this month to make the world a better place. For myself, I am committing right now to changing every light bulb in my house to the best compact fluorescent I can find. This is something I have wanted to do, but haven't. It may seem like a small change, but for me it will be the beginning. I will report back here when I have accomplished this task, and I want you to do the same. Please comment on this post telling me what you are going to do, and when you have accomplished it.

During January, begin thinking about community, because in the next month we are going to start looking at how you can build on your visualizing and your personal changes and take that out into your community. You can start by telling all your friends and acquaintenances about this idea and this blog. I would like to hav as many people writing their ideas and hopes and dreams here as possible. If you would like to guest write a blog, email me and we will get it done. This is not about me, this is about all of us. We can make a difference!

Peace and Love,