Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just the Beginning

Learning about the world and world change has been an enlightening, exciting, and sometimes frustrating endeavor this year. What I do know is that each of us can do an incredible amount individually in making the world better for man and beast. I'd like to offer some simple ways to do that this coming year:

Recycle everything. This is so simple to do. You save money, as well as saving limited resources.

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. They start out costing more and end up saving money.

Buy food locally, either through farmers markets CSAs. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Look around and see if there are any local organic farms that take part in this. It is one way to get fresh, organic, local food and keep the farmers growing.

Turn your thermostat down a degree or two. This can save a lot of energy over time.

If you are going to replace an appliance, buy energy star rated appliances. Like compact fluorescents, they cost more at first, but save in the long run. We are going to replace our hot water heater soon, and we are replacing it with an on demand water heater. This will save energy, space in our home, and work much more efficiently.

Before you purchase anything, consider where it is made, grown, or manufactured. If it is coming from places that use underpaid labor, unknown materials, food products or additives that can't be accounted for, don't buy it.

Consider walking, riding a bike, or using public transport. Doing this even one day a week can save many resources.

Stop voting for people who do not have your best interests at heart. Make it clear to those who represent you that they are working for you, and let them know what you expect from them.

Work for peace in the world. War does nothing but create more war.

Join others in creating the world you want. Take a few minutes to look around in your local area, or check out national or global organizations, and get involved.


Happy New Year!