Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Relationship with the Earth

Recently while watching So You Think You Can Dance on television, I saw an amazing dramatization of a humans relationship with Mother Earth.

In this dance, the choreographer had beautifully shown how many of us, including myself, treat the world badly. When I saw this, it made a lot of sense to look at the issues in our world as the same as those in an intimate relationship.

Think about this. We truly are in the most intimate relationship possible with the planet we live on. We depend on it for everything, food, shelter, holding us, allowing us to flourish, to share with others, to live and die. So if you look at the earth in that context, you have to consider how we treat it.

Would you take, and destroy, and use, and eat up every thing from someone you loved? My hunch is that most of you would say no. Are there ways you could be more loving in return for all that you get from this relationship? My hunch is that most of us could say yes to this, myself included.

I'd like to suggest we all take a few moments to envision our relationship with the earth as if it were the most loving partnership we can have. What would you do differently? How could you show your love even more? What small thing can you commit to today? Now, do that!

Peace and Love,