Thursday, December 18, 2008

Signs of Change

How are you doing at envisioning abundance in the world? Have you set aside a few minutes each day to imagine peace and prosperity in all parts of the world? I have been doing this, and love the feeling I get as I can see it happening.
I have also been looking at how I can change small things right here at home. This means looking at everything as a place where change can happen. This has been a challenge as I have eight grandchildren who think, as my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter tells me, "You're the best Grandma in the whole world." In the past, part of getting this high of a rating was that I can be counted on for a hot cup of cocoa, a trip to the beach, a warm hug anytime, and plenty of presents under the tree.
This year, I am working to incorporate helping others into this equation. I have always been outspoken about there being enough for everyone. Towards that end, more of my sharing this year has been in the form of helping others, and spending less on things that will not be sustainable as a toy or gift. I recently wrote about this in my newsletter and I have gotten some emails from others who not only feel the same way, but are opening their thoughts and hearts to others. Here are some examples of what I am hearing:
"In that vein, I wanted to tell you that this year, more than most, I have bought food, toys and clothes for the needy folks around here. My office has always done this, but this year, probably due to the precarious economic picture, I have felt more compelled than ever. Since contributing to our Thanksgiving dinner box at work, I have had the pure pleasure of shopping for kids of all ages. Never having had kids myself, I tend to just release my inner child and let her guide me. Believe me when I tell you that she is never far away--I'll always be a kid! :) When I walk out of that store, I almost feel high. Isn't that wonderful?

We have a local woman whose own personal history has caused her to go beyond the call of duty when it comes to charity. So much that she was one of 5 women invited to our State Capitol by Maria Shriver to be recognized for her unrelenting spirit of giving to others. When she is not literally patrolling the streets, she volunteers in a grade school library. Anyway, she recently put the call out to this community for blankets and sleeping bags. Turns out, some of the students she sees are homeless and literally living in the brush around town with their families. She wants them to at least be warm out there.

All that said, here is a woman who embodies the very point of your commentary. When you see this woman, joy emanates from her. She positively glows. There ARE angels among us! "
And this:
"I loved your newsletter this month, thanks for sharing. We have embraced gratitude this year in every form and it's made such an impact on our emotional health. Giving feels so good and it's great to know that we're able to help others. "

Thank you all for help this year!! You are doing more than you can imagine to bring change in the world.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Coach the World

This picture represents something I see happening on the planet these days. It seems that more and more people are realizing that we can have an effect on the world around us, and that each of us individually, are involved in the birth of a new world.

This blog is to help achieve a world where there is enough for everyone, a world where it is not okay for anyone to have too much while others are dying from starvation and disease, a world where we treat this amazing planet we call Earth as if it was a cherished child; a child we would not willingly do harm to.

This is the beginning of a challenge, a project, a new idea. The idea of Coaching the World. There is room in this idea for everyone who wants to take part. I'm sure you are starting to wonder how to do that? Let me show you how.

Every month during the year 2009, I will challenge as many people in the world who are willing to sign on to do one thing different that will have a direct impact on the planet. But first, I have a beginning challenge for December, 2008.

In recent years, there has been a change in the thought process of the human mind. We used to think that we as individuals did not have much to do with how the world we lived in works, other than the things we concretely accomplished in our small corner of the planet. Now most people believe that they have the power to co-create their world. Just look at the changes that have been wrought by believers in energy work, followers of the law of attraction, and books such as What the Bleep Do We Know? In my own life, I have seen the power of becoming centered and strong and using visualization and visioning to create a full and challenging life.

I believe that the joined energy of a large group could make a huge difference in the world. Consider this, when you spend your day reading the newspaper, watching the news on television, and talking about the terrible state of the planet, do you then consider what energy you are sending out into the world? One of my good friends, Master Coach Susan Hyatt recently said, "If there's a financial crisis, I'm choosing not to participate." I'm with her. I don't want my energy joining in the problems of the world, I want it to be a part of the solutions in the world.

So here is the December challenge. Every single day of this month, spend ten minutes, visualizing the world as full of abundance. Now, I don't want you to do this only in your home state or country. I want you to visualize your mind going around the earth and seeing people in the rest of the world living in abundance. See everyone wearing warm cloths, with bellies full of food, with families around, and without conflict where they live.

I know that we can do this. We can make a difference. Help me Coach the World this month, next year, and into the future.

Peace and Love,