Thursday, March 5, 2009

What About February?

I would like to tell you that I have been off on a trip to Africa where I was working to save the world. Or maybe I was so busy recycling that I couldn't write anything. However, I am finding that truth is the most important thing I can give to myself and to others.

The truth is I have been getting clear on my vision for myself and how I am in the world. This has been eyeopening and both joyous and painful. What I have found is that most of the world I live in is based on falsehood. Now, I don't want to suggest that this is necessarily something that is put out there by any one institution or that there is some big conspiracy. What I'm saying is we have become a country of sound bites and beliefs based on many inaccuracies. We believe we are supposed to get up, (the first falsehood), go to work, (another one), get married, (you see where I'm going), have children, (I like them too), and live a certain way. The real truth is every single thing we do every day that doesn't directly affect our survival, (think instincts), is a choice, not a mandate. We have become a society living to keep that society going, even if it doesn't work any more. I think it is time to look at that idea. Just consider it a little, let it rattle around your head for a while and see where it lands. I personally am doing that a lot these days. I am finding that it stands a lot of my beliefs on their heads, and that is a good thing.

Now I did do a few things to coach the world last month. I attended a wonderful free lecture by Michael Meade. Look him up on the internet. He was amazing.

I was asked to share my experience, strength and hope with young women about sexual assault prevention, and really loved doing that. They were a great bunch of girls, and if what I said helps even one of them, I will be most grateful.

So for March, I want to ask all of you to consider each thing you do every day. Ask yourself if it is something you are doing because it fosters the change you want to see in the world, or is something you do just because it is what your social self thinks you should be doing?

Peace and Love,